The following guide will show you how to get a Google Drive API Client ID and Client Secret.

  1. Open Google APIs Console site: and login with your Google account.

  2. Click “Library” on the left column, then click on “Select a project” at the top.

  3. On the next screen, click + to create a new project.

    Note: It is probably better to create a separate project for each app you plan to use (e.g. Rclone, Plexdrive, etc).

  4. Name the project (e.g. Rclone). Choose “Yes” to agree. Click “Create”.

  5. Click “Select a project” at the top and now select the project you just made.

  6. Popular APIs screen will show up. Click “Drive API”.

  7. On following screen, click “ENABLE” to enable Google Drive API.

  8. Now click “Credentials” in the left column, then “OAuth consent screen” near the top.

  9. On this screen, type in the Product Name (e.g. Rclone), and click “Save”.

  10. Click on “Create credentials”.

  11. Select “OAuth Client ID” in the drop down list.

  12. For “Application Type”, select “Other”, type in any name, and click “Create”.

  13. You will now be presented with the “client ID” and “client secret”.